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One day our hero's come across a young trainer named Austin (well he isn't a trainer yet) When he spots Pikachu he starts crying. Ash neels down and asks whats wrong? Austin replys back saying he doesn't have a pokemon ash feels bad for him and says follow me when the 2 are away from Dawn and Brock Austin mumbles these word infer transfromais  ash starts to feel hot he starts to turn brown on his neck mouth and arms and legs his hair gets caught on fire ash yells for Austin to help Austin just smiles and takes one of ash's pokeballs soon ash is a full inferanpe and Austin throws the pokeball and catchs ash the infernape Austin says yay now I have a pokemon


to be continued


Ash tf into a infernape part 1 by pokemonrocksapples

/ / / ©2013-2016 pokemonrocksapples
next part is going to be longer or shorter idk yet its going to take a longer period of time until I finish the next part because I am working on my chimchar one sry people but I will start to work on it whenever I can
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June 24, 2013
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